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Funkmob 420

Review 03/08/97 From: Dr.Brookenstein

Let me start off by saying that I didn't bother to stay at Tramps (in Manhattan, NYC) to see Cameo. I was really there to check out the group "4:20 Funk Mob". This group contains of several P-Funk members with a couple of new guys: "Billy Bass" Nelson, Michael "Clip" Payne, Lige Curry, Gabe "Undisco Kidd" Gonzalez, Michael "Kidd Funkadelic" Hampton, Ronald P. Edwards (Stozo the Clown) and Greg Fitz. The band was tight and the grooves were P-funky!!! The song list: Funk Gets Stronger (Part 1) Freedom (originally by Jimi Hendrix) Take Your Dead Ass Home (Say Som'n Nasty) Miss Lucifer's Love Naked Funkadelic Groupie Still Tight Trash A-Go-Go Balance The set was a hour long, from 8:35am to 9:35am. The highlights of the song were "Balance", "Trash-A-Go-Go" and "Funkadelic Groupie". The lead vocals for every song on the above list was "Clip" Payne, with the exception of "Funkadelic Groupie", which was sung by O.G. funkster himself, Billy Bass. By the way, you should check Billy Bass's album "Out of the Dark" by the group O.G. FUNK!!! It's very funky! "Take Your Dead Ass Home" had every motherfucker in the cafe shaking their ass!! Almost none of the early Funkadelic songs can touch "Take Your Dead Ass Home"!!! "Miss Lucifer's Love" was a very welcomed tune, with a nasty, slow sleaze-funk feel to it! Mike Hampton is one bad motherfucker on the guitar. And I swore that Greg Fitz could have given Bernie Worrell a run for his money.....well almost! I was surprised that the Funk Mob was doing songs like "Trash A-Go-Go", "Miss Lucifer's Love" and "Balance"......considering that these were not really popular songs. The amusing thing about this concert is the way "Clip" sings......not really professional but interesting. Truthfully, I have never heard anyone scream so much like Clip did during the song "Balance"!!! (I guess you can say that the music was very orgasmic to him!! --- sorry, I had to get that one in ) If only Bootsy was there to sing "Balance"......hmmmmm!! This song is probably the worst track (my least favorite) on the album AMERICA EATS ITS YOUNG (by Funkadelic), but it sounded better live at the Tramps Cafe. A fuckin' maggoteer and P.Funk clone for life!! That's the only clone to be! Clone every ass in the world with P.Funk and we'll have a better world! ONE NATION UNDER A GROOVE!! ONE WORLD UNDER A GROOVE!

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